Grocery Shopping Planning Tips:

StarPlan your menus using a variety of foods.

Want a balanced meal? Fresh, frozen or canned fruit and veggies, grains, meat, fish and dairy items should be part of kids meals every day.

StarMake a shopping list.

Think about what food you need and put it on the list. Only buy the items on the list. This helps your budget and your waistline!

StarDon’t shop when you’re hungry.

It’s harder to resist temptation if you are hungry. Have a meal or a healthy snack before shopping.

StarIncorporate foods in season.

For amazing taste and lower prices, buy fruits and vegetables when they’re in season.

StarFrozen or canned vegetables & fruits can be smart choices.

If fresh, ripe produce isn’t available, buy frozen or canned. Vegetables and fruits are picked and frozen or canned immediately so flavor and nutrients are locked in. Buy frozen or canned vegetables and fruits with no added salt, fat or sugar for the healthiest options.

StarAllow for a treat occasionally.

A “treat” includes any food that is higher in calories and low in nutrients, like cookies, cake, chips, desserts or sugary drinks. Treats are tasty, so they will enjoy them, but keep portions mini.

Print a Grocery Shopping List Print it